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A B O U T  //  C O N T A C T


Gemma Shingles is a final year student at the Norwich University of the Arts where she studies Fashion Communication and Promotion. Her expertise is currently in fashion and product styling as well as creative direction. Having had a background in graphic design prior to her current university course, Gemma has a deep understanding of typography, editorial design and necessary Adobe software enabling her to elevate her creations.

A deep rooted passion of Gemma's is sustainability and finding ways in which she can incorporate conscious decisions into her work. Gemma is currently in the midst of creating her final major project which is dedicated to environmentalism and how making small conscious decisions can help the planet long term. 


Since her early teen years, Gemma has always enjoyed shopping second hand and it felt only right for her to bring this love and knowledge of second hand fashion into her work. The young creative still finds pleasure in venturing into different categories of communication including writing and editorial design which allows her to present her wide skill set in different formats.

Continuing to grow everyday, Gemma is positive that she can make a difference in the fashion industry and holds this dedication close to her through the ups and downs of being a final year student during the restrictions the pandemic has brought to her final year.

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